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An Article of A Relationship

A Relationship is love for between 2 person and a life about 2 lives that are only been have one or two chances between and let them to be together this will help of being a loner and i wish a better life for you and be strong being an honesty love medium expert i have experience this one because there are times that you will experience this one and you will be hurt and sometimes you will be always safe if you will pick the right guy for you because if you didn’t pick the right one it will only cause many troubles and you or yourself knows it and you should take my advice that if you have picked the right guy or girl you should have been so happy cause you will have a happy life for both of you and take care of each other and only give chances that you can take but if you can’t take it don’t give anymore chances let them know what can be their problem to what happened to your fight or something…..

Please past to others.. THANK YOU

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